China National Fertilizer Information Center (CNFIC, 中国化肥信息中心) is a professional research platform under CNCIC Consulting, which owns a professional team that has been engaged in research on the development of the fertilizer industry for years. The team is specialized in tracking and analyzing the fertilizer market development and market dynamics home and abroad. After years’ accumulation, CNFIC formed a fast and complete information collection network, and a data processing and analyzing service system.

About Us

China National Chemical Information Centre (CNCIC) is formerly the Scientific and Technological Information Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry. With 60-year development, it has become a prestigious consulting, research and information service provider in the chemical industry of China.

The Consulting Department of CNCIC (CNCIC Consulting) serves the market of petroleum and chemical industry with strong consulting expertise in petrochemical/chemical industry planning, strategic planning on industrial park development, strategic market assessment, competitor intelligence, customer satisfaction analysis, product tracking and monitoring, identification and evaluation of acquisitions and joint venture targets, investment and financing, regulatory analysis, and feasibility study etc.

As one of the most authoritative and renowned chemical consulting firms in China, CNCIC Consulting employs a highly-professional and well-experienced consulting team. Combined with our unmatched database and various accesses to industry organizations and experts, and our deep insight and robust analysis to the complex and dynamic chemical industry, CNCIC Consulting has provided our clients with critical thinking and optimum solutions that brings material impact on their overall performance and development.


Our Thorough, Field Research-Oriented Approach with Deep Industrial Expertise and Seasoned Analytical Skill Assures Insightful Deliverables

What We Have

CNCIC Consulting Provides Clients with In-depth Insights and Actionable recommendations by Integrating Primary Interviews and Secondary Research


The Most Authoritative Chemical Literature and Resource Centre in China

•       National Engineering and Technology Library-Chemical Branch

•       Member of NSTL (National Science and Technology Library)

Highly-professional and Well-experienced Consultants

•       Coal Chemical Research Department

•       Petrochemical Industry Research Department

•       Inorganic Chemical Research Department

•       Fertilizer Research Department

•       Fine Chemical Research Department

•       Polymer Research Department

•       Life Science Research Department

•       Material Science Research Department

Comprehensive Internal Database

•       CNCIC Petrochemicals and Other Commodity Chemicals Database

•       CNCIC Price Index

Extensive Industrial Communication Platforms

•       China International Exhibition Center of Chemical Industry

•       Organize and Hold 50+ High-quality Chemical Conferences & Exhibitions Annually

•       China Light Hydrocarbons Utilization Association

•       China Aromatic Hydrocarbons Utilization Association

•       China Biodiesel Industry Association

•       China Fine Chemical Material and Intermediates Industry Association

Professional Research Platforms

•       Research Institute of Industry Planning

•       Research Institute of Industry Economics

•       China National Petrochemicals Information Research Centre

•       China National Polymers Information Research Centre

•       China National Fertilizer Information Centre

•       China National Pesticide Technology and Economic Development Centre

•       China National Silicon Material Information Research Centre

•       China National Fluorine Chemical Information Research Centre


The Clients We Serve

Each year, CNCIC Consulting undertakes hundreds of projects entrusted by state-owned enterprises, private domestic firms, top 500 multinational companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations.


Our Clients (by company type)

State-owned Enterprises: 20%

Private Domestic Firms: 20%

Multinational Companies: 50%

Government & Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs): 10%


CNCIC manages the Chemical Branch of National Engineering Technology Library, International Exhibition Center of China Chemical Industry, China Chemical Data Centre, Research Institute of Industrial Economics and Planning, and Competitive Intelligence Research Centre, Chemical Risk Assessment and Research Laboratory, China National Chemical Energy Conservation (Emission Reduction) Centre, EMRC Evaluation Centre of Emergency Response and Chemical Industry Museum of China etc. Furthermore, CNCIC undertakes a number of important projects entrusted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce, and participates in the establishment, operation and maintenance of "China National Science and Technology Achievements" network and "China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Library". Besides, CNCIC is responsible for the management of national publications on chemical industry and China Chemical Industry Information Association. CNCIC is also the exclusive agent of some world renowned databases and the strategic partner of many famous institutes around the world.

CNCIC is committed to providing chemical industry consulting service, product registration and compliance consulting, health, safety and environment (HSE) consulting, IT service, E-commerce, competitive intelligence system service, exhibition service, and publication & media service etc.

CNCIC has a highly qualified team consisting of over 400 professionals and experts with chemical industry, economy, IT technology, chemical safety and management expertise. CNCIC endeavors to provide our clients with comprehensive and insightful solutions to enhance their competitive position in the challenging market. Meanwhile, CNCIC also supports government’s decision making with the latest information and advanced technology. CNCIC has made great achievements in the past and is now enjoying high reputation in both Chinese and global chemical industry.